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The Blue Group is a united business enterprise which consolidates the commitment to the utmost quality, unparalleled customer service, and a continuous drive for innovation which will significantly contribute to corporate growth and development through functional divisions. Under the Blue Group’s wing.


It all started with a modest sports shop in Qatar in 1979. After four decades, we remain as one of the most successful and recognizable enterprises in the country. Because we dreamed, we persevered, we believed, we evolved and we succeeded. We followed our vision. What is the next logical step? The answer is, we dream again.

We follow a bigger vision— a clear, promising, azure vision and we will pursue it together—the Blue Group. The Blue Group is an enterprise which consolidates the commitment to the utmost quality, unparalleled customer service and a continuous drive for the innovation which will significantly contribute to corporate growth and development through functional divisions.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for joining me for the past successful years. Let me express my appreciation for your continued confidence as we venture into a broader horizon. The Blue Group is another chapter in our storied history which requires us to take on a new challenge and assume a new role. We will explore different hues of entrepreneurial opportunities and share a wider spectrum of success.



From1979 and the 80sTo

1979 and the 80s new

Seeing the potential of Qatar as a market for international sports brands, Mr. Jaber Al Mussallem, established Sports Corner’s first store in the Clock roundabout in Doha.

Sports Corner had a modest beginning, with only around 10 employees in its head office in Old Salata & a warehouse in Najma. The office only had a telex and used two small pickup trucks for deliveries and staff use. However, the team believed that great things usually start from small beginnings.

The belief proved providential as two years later, due to the success of the first Sports Corner store, a second store was put up in Aljedah.

From1979 and the 80sTo

Early 90s

In 1994, owing to its popularity and growing influence, Sports Corner started taking a more active part in sports development. It became a sponsor for the 1994 Qatar Open. The tennis tournament was the company’s first sponsorship.
In 1995, Sports Corner added two well-known international brands to its growing product line. Adidas, which was the number one sports brand in 1995, officially partnered with Sports Corner. Lotto, a prestigious Italian brand, also followed suit. Later on, Sports Corner would add more international brands to its already growing list of products offered in Qatar.
As it continues to grow and become one of the most recognizable and trusted brands in Qatar, Sports Corner starts to streamline its operations by computerization. The company employs POS systems under SCO-Unix, a tailor-made software, for the inventory and retail.

From1979 and the 80sTo


In 1996, Sports Corner launched its fourth store, a showroom in Al Markhiya.
A year after, Sports Corner established another milestone. Seeing a great opportunity, Sports Corner put up a store in The Mall—the first mall to be built in Qatar. It was as historic as it could get—the first ever sports retail store inside the first ever mall. However, competitors would take notice of Sports Corner’s success. The store encountered a lot of competition during its early years in the historic mall, but eventually outlasted them all.
Further establishing Sports Corner’s supremacy in the sports retail market.

From1979 and the 80sTo


The new millennium was a source of uncertainty for most people, but not for Sports Corner. The company viewed “Y2K” not with fear, but with excitement—as another opportunity to welcome another year of milestones.
Sports Corner opened a showroom in City Centre Mall. Due to the success of the store, Sports Corner followed it up with an Adidas Showroom, a franchise, in the same mall. On the same year, an Adidas showroom and a Sports Corner store were also built in Landmark Mall.
In 2004, Sports Corner also continued its computerization by implementing the Tally accounting software.

From1979 and the 80sTo


Qatar opened its doors to Asia’s best athletes and the world’s attention as it hosted the 2006 Asian Games. The event was a success and further fueled Qatar’s drive to transform the country into the world’s sports hub.
A Sports Day was also declared. As sports took centre stage, Sports Corner was also placed in the proverbial spotlight. Sports Corner shone brightly, showing Asia and the rest of the world why it was the best sports retail company in Qatar.
The exposure increased the company’s core business and provided more interest to the brand.

From1979 and the 80sTo


In 2013, Sports Corner, owing to its rapid growth, decided to move to its new head office in Al Gassar Tower in West Bay, Doha. Sports Corner divisions’ occupied spaces in the 3rd floor and the 20th floor. In spite of the change in venue, operations ran smoothly and Sports Corner continued to dominate the market. In a market survey, Sports Corner owned an overwhelming 70 percent market share in Qatar.
In 2014, in line with the changing times, Sports Corner underwent a makeover. A new logo and concept was introduced. The new identity emphasizes redefinition, with Sports Corner redefining its commitment to customers to not just provide quality products but promote sports to help them transform their lives for the better. Sports Corner also emphasized values of dynamism, honesty, professional ethics, respectfulness and being proud of its heritage.

From1979 and the 80sTo


Today, Sports Corner has around 400 employees and almost 20 stores and continues to grow. It boasts of new concept stores in Salwa Road and The Mall. And actively sponsors events like the Ooredoo Marathon, Evolution Sports Qatar Academy, and events by the Al Khor Community and Aspire Academy.
Sports Corner continues to redefine itself by activating e-commerce store Sportscorner.qa. It plays an active role in social media, through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
The Blue Group was formally introduced. Composed of five major divisions, the Blue Group takes the expertise gained from decades of managing a sports retail shop and uses it to lead five major market industries—food, sports, retail, service and fashion.


As a united business enterprise, The Blue Group is dedicated to continuing its drive for high-quality performance and producing products with the highest standards. Providing the best services with utmost care for the welfare of customers is our priority. We look after the well-being of our employees, preparing them as future leaders who will be emulated in their respective fields and industries. We provide significant returns for our shareholders. We aspire to be a beacon for sustainable development, helping the environment while being a driving force in business for years, and decades to come.


Developing world-class businesses that are innovative, customer-centric, achievement-oriented and committed to industry leadership, which will serve as a catalyst for the development of the corporation, and Qatar, as a whole. The Blue Group is a united business enterprise which consolidates the commitment to utmost quality, unparalleled customer service and continuous drive for innovation, which will significantly contribute to corporate growth and development through functional divisions.